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Shoe Dyeing Information

Shoe dyeing allows you to customize your look! Love a shoe but it doesn't come in the color you love? No problem with shoe dyeing! Shoe dyeing allows you to get the shoe you want in the color you want. Bonus: You can dye your shoes after your wedding or event, which allows you to get more wear out them.

Our shoe dyeing yields fantastic results: The majority of the shoes we dye have no issues. However, there are some minor issues occasionally. We don't want you to be disappointed in the quality of your dyed shoes, or expect them to look like they were made in a pre-dyed fabric, so we have compiled a list of possible flaws you may notice. Please keep in mind that these issues are considered minor and can only be seen upon close inspection. No one will notice these minor imperfections as you walk down the aisle!

Dyed shoes are not waterproof.

Our shoe dye is made from a water-soluble base. This means that the dye could fade or run slightly if it comes into contact with water. During typical wear, you shouldn't encounter any issues with the dye running, but you should steer clear of puddles and wet grass.

Glue marks might be visible.

The small areas at the seams where the glue is visible might not absorb dye as readily as the rest of the shoes. If you plan to photograph your shoes up close and you see some glue spots, don't worry: Your photographer can easily edit them out.

Dye can be uneven over pleats, gathers, knots, and twists in the fabric.

Areas of the shoe where the fabric is pleated, gathered, tied in a knot, or shaped into a flower or bow might absorb the dye unevenly at the folded edges and creases.

Different fabrics dye differently.

A color can vary in different shoe fabrics. The three shoes pictured below were all dyed the same color but as you can see, the final color varies because each of these shoes is made from a different fabric. Please keep in mind that while we try to accurately portray the dye color on our website, we cannot guarantee that the color of your shoes in person will match exactly to the color you see on your computer or mobile device; every monitor and screen shows colors differently. Also, the color appearance will vary based on lighting. If you would like to see the color in person, you may order a swatch before dyeing your shoes.

Dyed Shoes Return Policy

Keep in mind that once shoes are dyed, they are not returnable. So if you have any concerns about the fit or comfort of your shoes, please use our Try N Dye option:

1. Order the shoes in white.

2. Once they are delivered, try them on to make sure they fit comfortably.

3. If you're happy with the fit, send them back to us to be dyed with the completed Shoe Dye Form.

Please allow 3-5 business days for the dye process to be completed before your order ships. Any upgraded shipping will apply after this time.

For any further questions regarding our dyeing process or policy call us at (573) 256-1931 or email us at ShoeDye@BridalShoes.com