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Light Yellow Wedding Shoes

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Our Light Yellow shoe dye color adds a subtle and fresh touch of color to your walk down the aisle. Yellow wedding shoes let your personality shine through on your special day. Featured on the cover of BRIDES, the white dress and yellow shoe color combination is one that is becoming increasingly popular among todays hottest brides.Dyed light yellow wedding shoes will appear different shades on a silk vs. satin bridal shoe. If you want to have the bridal shoes dyed before they are shipped, add this item to your cart as well as the shoe you would like dyed, and the shoes will be dyed light yellow before they are shipped. Once dyed, the shoes cannot be returned. If you would like to try on the shoes first and then have them dyed, you can order a swatch for $1.50 and review our Try 'n' Dye option. Once you are ready to send the shoes back to have them dyed, you can print off this Shoe Dye Form, fill it out, and send it back with your shoes.