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Crystal Sprinkled Heel-Two Colors - FINAL SALE
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Crystal Sprinkled Heel-Two Colors Crystal Sprinkled Heel-Two Colors Crystal Sprinkled Heel-Two Colors  

Crystal Sprinkled Heel-Two Colors - FINAL SALE

was $25, now $15
Bullet 1 Crystal Coverage : 
Crystals sprinkled along entire heel
Bullet 2 Crystal Color : 
Clear + accent color. See choices below.
Bullet 3 Crystal Time : 
Allow 3-5 days for customization to be completed before your order ships.
Crystal Color 
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FINAL SALE. This item cannot be returned nor exchanged.

At BridalShoes.com we offer multiple options on how to customize your shoe with high quality crystals. For the Crystal Sprinkled Heel we apply the crystals in a sprinkled pattern along the entire heel for a pop of glitz! We offer many different color options. For the two color option we use a clear base crystal with an accent color scattered throughout. Each crystal is applied by hand to your shoe, for a truly one-of-a-kind look! Once crystals are added the shoe is final sale. If you would like to crystallize your shoe in a way that is not shown in one of our many product offerings, please call us to place your order at 908-840-4331! You can also e-mail us at ShoeDeco@BridalShoes.com for more information.
Ordering your custom crystallized shoes is super easy! All you need to do is put the shoes you would like in your cart, go to the custom crystals page, and add the design you would like to your cart as well. We will crystallize your shoes and then ship your order promptly! Please note that, once the crystals are applied to your shoes, they are not returnable, so if you are unsure if the shoe will fit we recommend ordering the shoes on to try first and then sending them back to have the crystals applied. To do so, just fill out the Custom Crystals Form and send it back with your shoes. This process will take a little longer with the back-and-forth shipping, but you are sure to get a fabulous custom shoe that fits! If you are interested in ordering a custom design just give us a call at (908) 840-4331 or email us at ShoeDeco@BridalShoes.com.

We use the finest crystals for all of our designs and offer a large range of colors to choose from. All of our crystal designs are applied by hand, and it is quite an intricate process, so please allow 3-5 business days for you shoes to be crystallized before your order ships out of our facility. If you plan to dye or decorate your shoes in addition to the crystals, your order may take anywhere from 5-10 business days before it ships, so please plan accordingly! Please note that shoes must be dyed before the crystals are applied to ensure an even dye application, so keep that in mind when customizing your shoes.
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