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Lilac by Dyeables
Alternate views of this shoe
Lilac by Dyeables Lilac by Dyeables Lilac by Dyeables  
Lilac by Dyeables - Coral
Lilac by Dyeables - Do Not Dye
Lilac by Dyeables - Red
Lilac by Dyeables - Blush
Lilac by Dyeables - Light-Pink
Lilac by Dyeables - Pink
Lilac by Dyeables - Bright-Pink
Lilac by Dyeables - Hot-Pink
Lilac by Dyeables - Raspberry
Lilac by Dyeables - Fuchsia
Lilac by Dyeables - Dark-Red
Lilac by Dyeables - Burnt-Orange
Lilac by Dyeables - Bright-Orange
Lilac by Dyeables - Warm-Yellow
Lilac by Dyeables - Bright-Yellow
Lilac by Dyeables - Light-Yellow
Lilac by Dyeables - Mint
Lilac by Dyeables - Seafoam
Lilac by Dyeables - Lime-Green
Lilac by Dyeables - Green
Lilac by Dyeables - Dark-Green
Lilac by Dyeables - Navy
Lilac by Dyeables - Teal
Lilac by Dyeables - Peacock
Lilac by Dyeables - Royal-Blue
Lilac by Dyeables - Robins-Egg-Blue
Lilac by Dyeables - Light-Blue
Lilac by Dyeables - Lavender
Lilac by Dyeables - Bright-Purple
Lilac by Dyeables - Royal-Purple
Lilac by Dyeables - Grape
Lilac by Dyeables - Dark-Purple
Lilac by Dyeables - Plum
Lilac by Dyeables - Ivory
Lilac by Dyeables - Champagne
Lilac by Dyeables - Brown
Lilac by Dyeables - Black
Lilac by Dyeables - Silver

Lilac by Dyeables

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Heel Height: 3 3/4 inches

This unique wedding shoe, Lilac by Dyeabls is both modern and feminine! Lilac features criss-cross straps at the ankle with a pump heel for extra support! The open toe and ankle strap design would be considered strappy but these thick straps will be pleasantly secure on your foot. Lilac is available in white or ivory satin. If you are interested in additional cushioning for the big day, we suggest Killer Kushionz or Strappy Stripz shoe cushions by Foot Petals. Sizes available range from 6-10.
Shoe dyeing allows you to customize your wedding shoes! Do you love a shoe, but it doesn't come in the color you love? No problem with shoe dyeing! Shoe dyeing allows you to get the shoe you want in the color you want. All of our shoes are expertly dyed by hand for the best results. Keep in mind that despite the great care we take with shoe dyeing, there are some risks involved. Please read our Shoe Dyeing Information page before having your shoes dyed.

How to Order:

1. Dye Your Shoes Now:

BridalShoes.com offers more than 40 different color choices to dye your bridal shoes for only $14.00. Select the color you want when you add your wedding shoes to your cart and we will dye the shoes before they ship. When you select your desired dye color at the time of ordering, your bridal shoes will be dyed before they ship to you. Your shoes will arrive to you in the color you selected. Please keep in mind that after the shoes have been dyed, they can no longer be returned or exchanged. If you would prefer to try on the shoes before they get dyed, check out our Try-n-Dye option.

2. Try-n-Dye Before the Wedding:

If you are wary of ordering dyed wedding shoes before you have a chance to try them on, select "No" in the dye option menu and order them in white first. After you receive the shoes and like the way they fit, send them back to us to be dyed. Print our Shoe Dye Form, fill it out, and include the form in your return shipment. After we receive your shoes back, they will be dyed and sent back to you within three business days. Though it takes a bit longer, and there are some added shipping expenses, this option eliminates the risk that you get a non-returnable pair of shoes that don't fit. As long as the shoes haven't been dyed, you can still exchange them for a different size or style, get a refund, or request a different size to be dyed. Try-n-Dye is not available for customers shipping internationally.

3. Dye or Re-Dye Your Shoes After the Wedding:

Interested in dyeing or re-dyeing your shoes after the wedding? There is some important information you need to know before deciding to have your wedding shoes dyed. Read our Shoe Dyeing Information page to learn about dyeing your shoes after the big day.

For more information, please visit our Shoe Dyeing Information page.

Note: The images of our dyed shoes are digitally colorized images. We have done our best to match our images to our dye colors, but, due to the color variation settings of your computer monitor or screen, there may be a slight variation. We recommend you Order a Color Swatch to preview our dye colors.
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